Feeling Drafty? Check Your Insulation

Homeowners often assume that their home’s insulation is adequate; however, there are many times when this could not be further from the truth. We fail to consider our home’s insulation as it is typically out of sight, out of mind. Proper insulation is not only essential to keeping our families comfortable and healthy inside our homes, but it is also critical in our ability to control energy consumption.


Protecting Your Home

Insulation helps to reduce heat loss while maximizing your energy usage to reduce heating and cooling costs. In many homes, the most significant heat loss source is the attic, as heat naturally rises. Old siding and ill-fitting windows and doors can also be problematic when maintaining indoor air temperature.


Insulation Matters

Insulation comes in several different forms, each having pros and cons regarding how well it performs in your home. Depending on the type of house you have, and when your home was built, you may have had little to no choice of insulation product that was installed. Many homes have traditional fiberglass insulation, blown insulation, or foam insulation, which build a barrier in the attic, crawl spaces, and siding of your home.


Signs Your Insulation May Need Attention

We have all felt air drafts in our homes from time to time, and if the instance is intermittent, there may be no cause for alarm. However, if you have an area of your home that is continuously drafty or difficult to keep at a specific temperature, you may need to check your insulation. Faulty insulation can also produce uneven temperatures between rooms, extreme heat transference through walls, and sky-high energy bills. All of these circumstances signal that you should have your home’s insulation inspected to determine if it is the root of the issues.


Ensuring The Best Protection

It is essential to feel comfortable with your home’s insulation. The costs of living with low or inefficient insulation can not only keep you uncomfortable in your own home but also hurt your wallet. Having your home’s insulation inspected to determine if any course of action is needed and the best options for your specific needs will help you ensure your home is protected to the fullest.  Atlas Construction and Roofing are experienced in insulation inspection and replacement, as well as all of your construction needs. Call Atlas Construction and Roofing today and feel confident in your home’s insulation.