Rebuilding Better

In so many senses, rebuilding a system is different than creating a new one – instead of simply creating a design in empty space, there is an existing structure to get around, which can be a confusing puzzle. And yet, renovation is in some ways like new construction, in that you want to build quality in, and better techniques lead to better results.


We are specially trained in helping property owners to improve and recondition their homes and business properties to conditions of excellence! We offer an array of property services that make us a go-to shop for customers all over Charlotte, Asheville, and other nearby NC areas. Those who have made an investment in real estate need this kind of professional help to keep properties from falling apart! When the job is important, you can count on us.

Rebuilding Better


Storm Damage, Fire Damage, Etc.


For example, you may have storm damage or fire damage at your property. In that case, you’re trying to refurbish certain parts of your structure, and make them fit other parts that haven’t been damaged. Again, there is a craft to making this as seamless as possible, and a certain standard of quality that should be met to really remediate these kinds of damage the right way.


At Atlas Construction and Roofing, we serve property owners in Charlotte, Asheville, Boone and elsewhere, creating the kinds of clean angles and elegant contours that make properties look great. You can see a lot more in our project gallery, where the mastery of rebuilding is demonstrated well, in a visual way that brings you into our process and lets you see what it looks like.


Roofing and Siding


There’s nothing that looks better than brand-new aluminum or vinyl siding. Along with standard wall siding, we can provide pillar covers and other types of exterior accessories to further increase the curb appeal of your property.


Then there’s the roof. We always say that the roof is most important, because everything else is under it. And there’s something to this. You want to invest in the roof of a property, because it protects the entire structure of the building and preserves property value.


Check our site for practical tips on things like roofing, insulation and ongoing property management and care. We help with a range of home improvement services that are essential for having confidence and peace of mind about your property. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or share your ideal project goals, or voice concerns about what you’re going to have done. It’s your property! With a helping, collaborative approach, you can feel good about where you are in terms of property maintenance.