Budget-Friendly Durability: Picking the Right Siding

Just because a type of siding is budget-friendly doesn’t necessarily mean it’s low quality. It might have a few drawbacks, but it can still provide value for your money; it’s all just a matter of prioritizing your needs. If you can’t find a suitable budget-friendly siding, there’s always the option of getting siding that’s in the mid-range of your budget. Mid-range siding might be more expensive, but it will have fewer drawbacks and can offer a lot more in terms of aesthetic appeal and durability.

Atlas Construction, one of the top roof contractors in the state, lists the most popular siding options in the two budget categories.

Metal Siding

Metal siding, a low-maintenance option that dates back to the 1940s, is still a viable option for the budget-conscious even today. This type of siding has excellent durability in addition to its resistance to fire, rot and insects.

There is a trade-off, however; Metal isn’t the most aesthetically pleasing siding material, being scratch-prone and commonly used in sheds, outhouses and roof replacement projects.

Vinyl Siding

For those who want the same durability offered by metal, but desire more options when it comes to design, vinyl would be a suitable option. Like metal, vinyl is very durable and requires little maintenance. Vinyl siding’s colors are resistant to fading and can mimic more expensive materials like wood.

Wood Siding

Some prefer the feel and texture of authentic wood, however. If this is the case, there’s always the option of getting real wood siding. Wood siding’s price falls in the mid-to-upper range, but. in exchange, you get an authentic feel that no artificial material can provide. Just remember that wood siding requires more maintenance than the first two options.

Fiber Cement Siding

Those who want a more durable mid-range option might find fiber cement siding to be an attractive option. It is more durable and has a higher resistance to fire, rot and insects than any of the aforementioned three options. Its installation can be tricky, however. As such, only a qualified and experienced contractor should install it.

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