Popular Window Hardware Finishes to Consider

Beauty is in the details, so if you are in the market for appealing replacement windows, you need to carefully consider every design element. They may be one of the most overlooked details of a window, but the visual impact that hardware finishes provide is something worth considering.

Today, Atlas Construction, the top contractor for your window and gutter replacement needs, takes a closer look at the popular hardware finishes you may want to consider for your replacement windows.

Antique Brass

Closely resembling the appearance and appeal of natural brass, this window hardware finish has brown and golden tones that give off a warm, inviting look reminiscent of the Victorian Era. Its high-gloss finish, however, gives it a touch of the modern world. This makes antique brass a flexible choice for many homeowners. Choose this for your windows if your interior is filled with wood and stone elements.

Bright Chrome

Inspired by the Art Deco movement and the roaring ‘20s, bright chrome has a smooth, mirror-like finish that can make any interior design element a statement piece that fits well within a contemporary home. This makes sense for your window replacement if your interior follows a neutral color scheme.

Oil Rubbed Bronze

This window hardware finish works best for specific home styles, particularly the Mediterranean and Tuscan. Its dark brown tones look particularly good together with warm colors. It is also considered a “living finish,” which means it changes over time to give it a continuously evolving appearance as the hardware is being used.

Distressed Nickel

If you want something unique for your standard replacement window, consider hardware with a distressed nickel finish. Its rustic, Old World vibe is becoming a popular design element, especially in urban areas.

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