4 Tips to Help You Maximize Your Roofing Insurance Claim

If a bad storm is about to pass by your area, one of the consequences you can expect is damage to your roofing system. Once your roof is damaged, it’s possible that it’ll need to be repaired immediately before it causes further issues for its structure as well as your home. Unfortunately, a roof replacement or repair project requires a significant budget to complete. This is where insurance claims come in.

Maximize your insurance claim by following these four tips:

  • Take Photos of Your Home – Before the storm arrives in your area, be sure to take photos or videos of your home prior to any possible damages. After the storm, once it’s safe to venture outdoors, take another set of photos to give to your insurance company. That way, it will make your claim more believable and it can even help the claims process run faster and smoother.
  • Call a Roofer – Before you contact your insurance provider, it’s highly recommended that you call a storm damage roof repair expert first to inspect your roofing system. That way, the extent of the damage can be determined and you can get an estimate as to how much the repairs or replacement will cost before you make your claim.
  • Call Your Insurance Company – After the inspection is done, you can now call your insurance provider to let them know the status of your roof. If you so desire, you can even give them a list of the items that your roofer says is required for the roofing project.
  • Hire a Public Adjuster – When making your insurance claim, let your insurance provider know that you don’t require the services of their adjuster and that you’ll be hiring your own instead. This is actually a move you’ll want to make if you want to maximize your claims as a public adjuster will be working for you and can advocate better on your behalf as opposed to someone who works for the insurance company.

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