Is Attic Insulation Worth It?

When it comes to roof replacement projects, many people might not realize that attic insulation should be part of the job. Proper attic insulation, while certainly not the most glamorous home renovation you could do, is essential in keeping your home comfortable and can even help to save you some money on your heating and cooling bills.11-atlasconstructionclaims1.jpg

What Attic Insulation Does

The porous insulation your roof contractors place in the attic allows cold air to enter the attic during winter. It does the same thing in summer, except that it’s warm air that penetrates the attic. This gives your interiors a strong barrier that keeps your home cool during hot days and warm during cold days. Improper insulation leads to drafts, uneven heating and cooling, and higher energy bills.

Is It Worth It to Insulate the Attic?

The Department of Energy predicts homeowners will spend more money on heating this year compared to last year. However, with the right type of insulation, you can cut your heating costs by up to a whopping 30%. Comparing this benefit to the average cost of insulation shows that the savings are definitely worth the initial investment. Homes in areas that experience extreme seasonal temperatures will experience higher savings than those in areas with temperate climates.

Professional Help

Like storm damage roof repair, it’s always best to trust professionals to handle your attic insulation. Taking a DIY approach will not guarantee that you’ll maximize the savings you get from your attic. In addition, it might even cost you more to have experts repair a mistake than to simply have them put up the insulation in the first place.

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