Myths Debunked: Misconceptions About Storm Roof Damage

You need to fix roof damage as soon as possible. The problem is by the time most homeowners start to notice the warning signs, it’s already too late. Yes, it’s practically impossible for the average homeowner to spot the signs of roof damage. But because of certain myths about storm roof damage, some choose to ignore the warning signs – even when they’re in plain sight.

As Long as There Aren’t Any Leaks, Your Roof Should Be Fine

Even the most durable roof is likely to suffer some form of damage after a storm. Just because you haven’t noticed any leaks doesn’t mean your roof hasn’t been damaged. It might have suffered minor damage, which left unattended, can worsen and spread to the other parts of your house. As such, we strongly recommend always scheduling a roof inspection after a storm. 

There’s No Need to File an Insurance Claim If It’s Only Minor Damage

It would be a waste not to file a claim for minor damage – these items are covered by standard roof insurance policies. 

Your Insurer Won’t Increase Your Premium if You Don’t File a Claim

Some homeowners believe the aforementioned myth because of this reason. The number of times you filed a claim in a period of time has nothing to do with yearly premium increases. Plus, if you don’t file a claim even if you have a legitimate reason to do so, you’ll essentially be paying for other policyholders’ claims. 

One more thing: the early signs of roof damage are subtle. To make sure they’re all identified and fixed, only hire experienced roofers. Whether you need a roof inspection or siding repair, always vet your contractor. 

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