What Happens During a Roof Inspection?

A storm damage roof repair job can set you back a good deal and while there is absolutely no way for you to stop a storm from damaging your home, you can still minimize your costs by having your roof in good condition right before the storm hits. This is best done with periodic roof inspections conducted by a professional roofing contractor.


So what exactly happens when your roof is professionally inspected? Let our experienced and skilled roofers at Atlas Construction & Roofing show you what you can expect from a typical roof inspection job.

Be Prepared

Many homeowners schedule an inspection after a particularly damaging weather condition like hailstorms. This is important, however, this is not the only time when a roof inspection is necessary. It’s important to have your roof contractors conduct an inspection of your roof and roofing system at least once every season, especially during the summer and winter when storms are more likely to happen. In addition, a thorough inspection is needed at least once every three to five years, depending on the material of your roof.

Professional Inspections

Some types of roof damage are easily identifiable with an untrained eye. A quick visual inspection, even from the ground, can show you any missing, damaged, or flapping shingles on your roof. However, if you want to really determine the full extent of your roof’s problems, it’s best to have a professional conduct the inspection.

What to Expect

A routine roof inspection is different from a roof replacement or repair job. In fact, if it’s done correctly, it can even save you from having to replace or repair your roof prematurely. Inspections can be divided into three main parts: structure, material, and interior.

Structural inspections focus more on how the roof is built, its planes, its supports, and all the other parts that hold the roof together, while inspectors pay careful attention to the condition of the individual shingles during a material inspection. Lastly, any hidden leaks and problems can be identified with a thorough interior inspection.

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