How to Prevent Metal Roof Condensation

Metal roofing is known for its durability, versatility, and longevity. However, when it’s not properly installed and the attic isn’t sufficiently insulated, condensation can occur. When not detected and addressed immediately, this problem can compromise your roof’s structural integrity.

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uses Condensation in Your Metal Roof?

Warm air, which tends to hold more moisture than cold air, enters the roof through gaps in loft hatches or the plumbing. Water droplets usually condense in the roofing felt when warm, moist air meets the cold air in the roof. This problem is more likely to occur in the colder months when the roof is at its coldest and the doors and windows are shut. It doesn’t usually occur in summer unless your roof has a major issue. 

Sufficient Roof Ventilation

Proper airflow is necessary to get condensation to evaporate. Moisture-laden air can escape through ventilation holes around the roof at the eaves and in the gable walls. However, it can be challenging to balance roofing and attic venting. This shouldn’t be a problem if you’ve hired a skilled roof replacement contractor. 

Prevent Moist Air From Reaching Your Roof

Your daily activities, such as showering and cooking, can contribute to the production of moist, warm air indoors. Washing and drying clothes can also increase humidity. Make sure to have exhaust fans in the bathroom and kitchen. It’s also important that the ceilings of these rooms have no gaps. 

Add a Vapor Barrier

Installing a vapor barrier, such as a continuous polyethylene sheet behind the ceiling drywall can prevent water vapor from passing through. It can keep your roof warmer and help with existing condensation issues. Vapor barriers can also prevent moisture buildup on the wooden components of your roof and insulation. They can be installed in your existing roof, making them a great solution for serious condensation problems. 

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