Spring Maintenance Tips for Residential Roofs

With the warmer weather, spring is one of the best times to complete home maintenance tasks, such as roof and siding repair. Your roof went through a lot during winter, so you must have it checked by a professional. With regular maintenance, your roofing system will stay looking new and last longer.

Here are spring maintenance tips for residential roofs.

Get a Professional Roof Inspection

The National Roofing Contractor’s Association advises homeowners to have their roofs professionally inspected at least twice a year, preferably during spring and fall. Making sure that your shingles, flashing, gutters, and penetrations are in good shape are key to a healthy roofing system. Delaying repairs in any of the vulnerable parts of your roof can result in costly repairs, making routine inspections important. 

Have Your Gutter System Cleaned

With everything in bloom, you can expect fallen leaves, branches, seeds, and other debris to end up in your gutters. They can clog your gutter system and cause water to back up on your roof, which can result in moisture issues. When the weather has cleared and gotten warmer, consider trimming trees surrounding your roof. Contact a professional if you’ve noticed mold or algae growth during your inspection. Consider a gutter replacement if your current system is separating or has numerous large cracks, holes, and rust spots. 

Ensure Sufficient Ventilation

Improper ventilation can cause ice dams, mold, and other roofing issues. When moisture gets stuck and builds up in your attic, you can experience various issues within your home. Make sure to have the inside of your attic and vents checked during your roof inspection. This is to ensure that your home has proper airflow. 

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